Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Greetings cards- officially started!

Exciting news! I have sold my first handmade greeting card to one of my very supportive friends. I just did this doodle whilst on the train the other day and happened to share it online, which lead to a little commission for my friend... just shows how important it is to market yourself online!

I don't currently have the money to send off for cards to be printed off in the most professional manner, but I think I did a pretty good job of creating something professional looking using a simple printer, double sided tape and some card blanks which I bought from a craft shop. I also added some tiny gemstones and a cellophane wrapping for extra professionalism and I love how it turned out. 

I must have hundreds of doodles which are just sitting in sketchbooks doing nothing and I think that greetings cards could be a really great way to start using them to make a little bit of money here and there.

If anybody would like me to use one of my drawings or an element of one of my fabric designs to make them a customised greetings card, or whether you have a specific idea or theme you would like me to draw for, then please let me know as I would love to do it!

Also, if anyone has any tips for where to get smaller runs of cards printed wholesale then that would be great!

Thanks for reading, Stephanie X

Friday, 25 July 2014

What makes a great business card

So I recently had to design my own business cards to hand out at both my graduation show and at the New Designers exhibition. I didn't love my business card and in the midst of hand ins I just used my logo and kept it very simple. Business cards are so important as they give someone that tiny memory of your work, and so it really needs to sum up your hand writing as a designer. 

When I was at my degree show and down in London I watched out for any fantastic business cards to give me a little inspiration to develop my own and make it more interesting. I collected the ones I liked the most and wanted to share them in the hope they might help others who are thinking about creating their cards.
 (this is really appropriate for any business related card!)

I have linked to portfolios of those featured, as they are all brilliant upcoming designers!

 Hannah Cumming's Portfolio
Hannah Cumming's business card is my absolute favourite. I love the simplicity of the design and the use of a gorgeous photograph. She has managed to fit in so much visual information on one tiny card! I just love how it says everything it needs to say without using over the top graphics or font.

The use of light lines and colour and use of transparency just make the graphics look beautiful and its obvious she took a lot of time to design something new for her card. She has also managed to fit in visual research, a photograph and her logo all onto this tiny card but it just works and doesn't seem too much!

 Sophie Brabbins' website
I absolutely loved the hand painted florals featured within Sophie Brabbins' work and if you check out her portfolio you will see that the card really represents the style of work in a simple way which displays exactly what her style is. I just love the subtle movement and life within the flowers.. it's just so pretty I want it up on my wall for inspiration!

 Munaza Tasneem's website
I didn't see any other cards like Munaza's and thought the use of a smaller card to be a great tool to just draw people in have a nosy at the card. The design was small but simple and still managed to fit on all the information needed.

 Amy Deane's portfolio
I loved the rounded shape of this card and the vibrance of the colour really stands out and draws you in to want to take a closer look. It sets a very bold statement which is brave and really successful.

 Isla Muir's portfolio
I love the simple use of a resolved piece of fabric design. It's so much more interesting and shows more of the fabric weight and fluidity. Simple yet effective!

Holly Davie's website
I love the use of a work in progress on this card, and it creates a point of interest to discuss her way of creating such colourful designs. The image says a lot about her use of vibrant colour mixed with florals and geometric shapes. A very unique idea!

Thanks for reading, Stephanie X

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Drawing for new projects

Just a quick post to share some paintings I have decided to use as base for some new designs! Just a little visual since I haven't posted much about my design work for a little while. I've been working on a lot of competitions and other projects which I'm not able to share at the moment! 

If you are a fellow emerging designer and would like me to share your work on my blog or have a general chat about design then please do send me an e-mail! I'm really interested in growing as a designer alongside others who are at the same stage as myself!

Thanks for reading, Stephanie X

Friday, 18 July 2014

A few good opportunities for graduates

I have recently come across a few great design opportunities which are perfect for students or recent graduates which I wanted to share with you. I've enjoyed how these opportunities have kind of set me a brief and have bridged the gap from university quite well. Leaving University and graduation has been so daunting and it has been nice to just enjoy drawing and designing without any pressure of marks or job interviews.

To begin with, you may of heard of the Art and Business of Pattern Design courses with Rachael Taylor which have become really popular for both amateurs and professionals wanting to grow. The courses are usually quite expensive and although I hope to do them once I have started working, they are luckily offering a summer school to give a taster of the courses. A number of briefs will be set at different levels so everyone can get involved. I can't wait to learn about the first brief!

Tigerprint are once again holding their design a day competition throughout June/ July, setting a different theme each day. I spoke to them at New Designers and they said the designs didn't need to be resolved pieces, but needed to show your style and approach to each different theme and be unique to you. It's best to try to enter as many of the categories as possible to give yourself the best chance of success, and I'm really trying to have a good go at at least half of the themes! It's just fun to be able to enjoy doodling and thinking of quirky and humorous ideas for greetings. The great thing about Tigerprint is that they see potential and don't expect the perfect finished-product designer. This is open to recent graduates and all undergraduate UK students. You can win a paid placement!

Finally, another opportunity I heard about at New Designers was the Filofax cover story competition. They are asking for graduates to design a simple print to grace the cover of one of their best selling products. If you check out the previous winners they have all produced simple yet bold designs, and I'm sure that most people would have something in their portfolio that the could adapt for the brief as there is no set subject content. The winning design will be put into production which would be brilliant exposure!

There is still time to sign up/ enter all of these great opportunities!
Thanks for reading, Stephanie X

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I graduated Leeds University!

So happy that I graduated yesterday! It was an amazing day and I felt so proud of myself and all of my course mates. Here are a couple of photos of the gorgeous sunny day!

Just a tip to anyone who is still to graduate... bring safety pins for the robes! I was very happy to pick up my 2:1 certificate and can't believe University is over. I have definitely had the best three years of my life without a doubt, and feel like I found the right social/ work balance to have a fantastic and fun time. Now the job hunt begins! I am hoping to just find anything which pays the bills and continue with design as a hobby until full time jobs come up.. there aren't many but I'm sure this time in a few years I will be there.

Thanks for reading, Stephanie X

Sunday, 13 July 2014

My trip to London zoo

I have always found aquarium life to be kind of entrancing, with the way that everything moves in slow motion in a beautiful way. Whilst on a recent trip to London I visited London Zoo and found that they had a huge aquarium full of interesting fish, coral and plants and it seemed to be one of the quieter areas of the zoo which allowed me to appreciate the strange yet graceful forms.

I wanted to share my photos, as they have been of great inspiration to me and have inspired ideas for a future under the sea children's collection. The idea of giving all of the fish personalities and quirky traits would work so well and is something I am really excited to explore! I can also see many simple but interesting patterns which make great adult interior prints.

All images are my own, please credit stephaniecampbelltextiledesign if you wish to use them.

Thanks for reading, Stephanie X

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Highlights of New Designers 2014 part 2

Here is the second part of my favourite exhibitors at New Designers 2014. Enjoy!

Norwich University of the Arts

I absolutely loved these shirts, and felt like there was really nothing else like it being exhibited by anyone else. I can see how these prints could be applied to literally any product, so to make interesting shirts was a brilliant idea which really made the designs stand out in a unique way. Love the hand painted simplicity paired with simple backgrounds, beautiful!

Swansea Metropolitan University

I loved the geometric nature of these wallpaper designs along with the bold use of colour. The collaboration of geometric sharp lines with hand painting is has been done in an unusual way which stood out to me as I walked around the many beautiful exhibitor stands.

Leeds College of Art

These gorgeous floral designs stood out to me instantly as they were so full of movement and life. The designs have been composed in a very confident way which is very striking. I bet these designs were snapped up by an amazing company as they are just beautiful. The Leeds College of Art stand was exceptional!

Leeds College of Art

The colours within these designs was brilliantly confident and strong and stood out to me from across the room. I loved how Rachael Ford displayed her work in a simple manner with some development drawings alongside her final designs. They are absolutely stunning so do take a look at her online portfolio which is of a very professional standard.I must also express my admiration of Rachael Ford's gorgeous website.. take a look at it if you are looking for any online portfolio/ website inspiration (the link is above).

Swansea University

Sadly I didn't pick up a business card for this designer and I couldn't find any contact details anywhere online! Such a shame, but I imagine that Emily got a lot of attention for her collection as it was gorgeous and showed a very versatile skill set. I loved that she has sewn cushions as a simple way to show a real product and show the versatility of the design working on both fabric and paper. I also loved the colour scheme!

All images which are not my own have been referenced.

Thank you for reading, Stephanie X